so far so good

so far so good

as far as resolutions go, i’m on a somewhat good track. my running is going well. i have posted at least 15 blog posts this month! that’s awesome! i have taken very few pictures, but part of that is due to me being a hermit since we moved. i need to be a non-hermit and get out there.
in other news, i have started a mass wallace exodus. liz and doug are moving the lacrosse, a mere hour from rochester. my sister jane will be coming back to MN in july and now my mom has an interview in rochester at a place that’s a mile and a half from my house. who knew i would start a trend? charlie?
and in thirdly news, i am hoping to go see michael perry, author of my fave definition of the west, in northfield in a couple weeks. how handy that he lives in wisconsin and frequents MN. if his live performances are even half of what his writing is, it will be wonderful.

6 thoughts on “so far so good

  1. you and momo could do lunch together. maybe i could find a job in rochester too, then we could all lunch together! but man, that would be a killer commute. only if they pay me a lot. or i can work from home 2 days a week or something.

      1. yeah, you’ve been gone less than a year, and now she wants to move in down the road! maybe she’ll bring grams with her! lol!

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