moving it

moving it

at the school i work at, the health services dept. is sponsoring a program called ‘move it’. students pay $10, make themselves fitness goals, and track them over a 6-week period. after they’re finished, they get a tshirt.
they opened it up to staff/faculty yesterday for $20, and i signed up pronto! i figured, i’m running anyway, why not get a shirt out of the deal? plus it was give me a good kick in the rear about getting in shape for a 10k at the end of april.
so i had to set my goals, and since i’m back to speed this week (ran 40 mins twice this week and maybe tonight too if i feel so inclined), i decided to bump up my speed by 10 mins each week for 6 weeks, but only one day a week, with the rest being at least 20 mins.
by the end of the 6 weeks, i should be up to 80 mins of running once a week, which is about 10k for me. after i get the distance down, i’ll concentrate the rest of march and april to bumping up my speed. and hopefully by that time, i’ll be running outside regularly!
now, the good news. they took blood pressure, height, weight, and ¬†cholesterol and blood sugar readings to compare. my BP was awesome like always, height was shrinking and weight – somehow i gained 5 lbs in the past week >:( but, my triglycerides were so low they couldn’t even take a bad cholesterol reading! woo! last time i had bloodwork, my triglycerides were nasty high. thanks, c2-5k! you made me healthy!!

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