movin movin movin

movin movin movin

omg i am so ready to fall over from exhaustion. i don’t know what it was, but hauling all our stuff in yesterday just wore me out. it’s weird because i didn’t feel that way when we moved down here or when we transferred trucks.
well, i’m slowly getting everything out of boxes. still haven’t got my desk done, but kitchen and living room are. also installed two under-cabinet lights and a knife magnet strip. i didn’t realize how good we had it with our kitchen. i even got rid of a lot of stuff and i still have a second shelf out in the entryway with kitchen crap on it. and the drawers are so small! ugh!
i have an idea of where to put a tree, but i’m not sure if nate will go for it. we’ll see how far i get tomorrow with my desk, bathroom and front porch organization.
SO CLOSE. (jane, we may have to get me a tree on monday night.)
pictures (hopefully) tomorrow.

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