dual-screen viewing

dual-screen viewing

there has been a lot of buzz lately about dual-screen tv viewing. i’ve posted in the past about how hard it is for me to watch tv shows or netflix or a movie without having a laptop or phone in hand – electronic ADD.
to which i say, big whoop. remember the years 1999-2000? when pets.com was a thing still?

awww, i miss this guy.

also the year companies started putting their web addresses on their tv commercials. also the year i lived in lottie hall at csb where my tv and computer were 5 feet apart. also the year where i would see a web address on a commercial and hop up to check it out while still watching tv.
as i said, big whoop. dual screening is not a new thing – it’s at least 10 years old for college students, who are used to plugging away on their laptop while the tv is on, or having a tv and computer both going strong in a small confined space (aka dorm rooms).
so when they are spouting off about dual-screening lately, what they mean is that your mom is doing it. you’ve been doing it for quite some time, but now that an older generation is tweeting while watching NCIS, by god it’s a trend!

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