my day-long break

my day-long break

well, consensus is the daily posts are liked, and then i go and not post yesterday. whoops.
i am getting really tired of my future landlord. we were supposed to move in nov. 1, then that was pushed back to dec. 1, then this weekend, and now it’ll probably be next mon-wed sometime. really? at what point does a person say screw it and go somewhere else? looking at long-term forecasts, now there will be snow on the ground when we move. to top it off, aunt and uncle are replacing the carpet out here this friday, which they’ve already rescheduled once, and there’s a renter waiting to move in! this is ridiculous and it makes me want to cry.

2 thoughts on “my day-long break

  1. you aren’t paying your landlord until you move in, are you? i hope not.
    new carpet in the shelter!?! goodbye old berber carpet. hopefully the new stuff is softer underfoot.

  2. definitely not paying him! that would be no incentive to him. he does have my deposit though. and we’re getting free storage, so that’s something.
    you know kathleen – cheap is not the way to go! the carpet going to be softer and more insulating. i’ve replaced the showerhead, put in a towel bar and covered up the vent in the bathroom. i think i might put plastic over the windows before i leave too. it’ll be in 100% better shape when i leave than when i came in!

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