update 4:30 p.m., thursday
happy thanksgiving! this is the most laid back t-day i’ve had. we had eggs and bacon for breakfast, then went to copper mountain to poke around. there didn’t seem to be any other touristy types there, just skiers and snowboarders. then we came back to the condo, ate pizza and made pumpkin pie. now the pie’s in the oven and we’re waiting for charlie’s friend hammill come for supper. we probably won’t eat until 8 p.m. D:
update 4:36 p.m., thursday
ken helped us make pie:

oh, ken.
update 7:06 p.m., thursday
just finished eating. blaaargh….
for being mostly premade, this meal turned out pretty tasty!
update, 7:34 p.m., thursday
watching charlie brown thanksgiving. tried checking out at  and they are having issues. >:( losers. i want to buy something, and now they won’t let me. maybe i’ll try again in a couple hours.
update, 8:17 p.m., thursday
just ate pie. ugggghh, so full! time to pass out…

3 thoughts on “tday!

  1. It’s looking like poor Ken is starting to lose his hair. He might need to gorge himself on pie to console himself.

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