getting ready

getting ready

the claim:
make your own ornaments! source and then also source
the test:
well, i started out trying one thing and ended up doing another when the first didn’t work, and i made a combination. whatevs.
since neither of these really had directions, i went to crafts direct and kind of guessed as to what i needed to make these ornaments (first sign that things weren’t going to work?).

scrapbooking paper, ribbon, rustic jingle bells, hemp cord and glitter glue. (fyi – in no way, shape, or form do i associate with scrapbookers. just standing the aisle gives me the willies *shiver*)

i actually wanted to glue the pieces of paper onto ball ornaments, spread with glitter, and be done a la my first source. i tore up the paper, and since the edges were white and the rest antiqued, i had to soak them in tea to get the whole pieces of paper yellowed

after the paper dried, i tried out glueing it to a ball ornament. DID NOT WORK. i gave up and went another route.
you can see the failball in the upper left.

i glued the scraps to some cardstock i had leftover from merrill and once it was pasted on, i painted sparkly glue over the whole thing.
after that was dry, i grabbed my cookie cutters i had just purchased (for cookies – not this project) and traced them onto the paper and exacto-knifed them out.
put a couple jingle bells on the hemp and made a pretty bow, and ta da! ornament.

the verdict:
my original plan didn’t work out. i’m thinking it’s because they actually used newsprint versus scrapbooking paper, which is heavier. and my improvised secondary plan wasn’t really the same as the source, but it worked out. a lot of work. 3 out of 5 stars, mostly because it was just ok. cute, but not quite what i was going for.

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