i am in the middle of a pinterest project right now. nate asked me what i was doing while i was doing it – i said, “arts and crafts!” ah, “arts and craps” he said. i’m hoping they don’t turn out to be arts and craps.
anyhow, here’s a pic of what i ate for supper. i used the grill for the last time at 250 18th Ave SE tonight. *sigh*
mmm. i made those cheesy rolls again *drool*
on a serious note, i am wondering about “oppressed” christians in this country. are christians really oppressed and ridiculed? is it easier to be an “out” christian or an “out” atheist in the US? when we call america a pagan country, is that really a bad thing?
personally, i think it’s easier to be an outted christian than an outted atheist in general (regionally, this might vary). but to be a TRUE christian in this country, not just a CINO and you’re just going through the motions and not caring, there might be some level of oppression. i think a lot of so-called christians are really just people who go to church and believe that because that’s what they’ve done their entire lives. true christians and true atheists are at two ends of a very large spectrum, neither of which i would like to encounter in a religious debate. for me, talking with a devoted atheist is just as tiring as talking with a devoted christian.
and really, i would rather live in a pagan country than a christian country – to call the US a christian country rings a little too close to a theocracy for comfort for me. the separation of church and state should be just that – separation. you can bring your religious background into political and governmental decisions, but that means that the next person shouldn’t have to adhere to your religious background in their politicization; the US is known for autonomy, and freedom of religion is one way to put that forward.
quite frankly, i’m tired of hearing about both sides – christian and atheist. can’t we just live our life we have to the fullest without bugging others and be happy? can’t we all just get along?

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  1. Religion has consumed my thoughts for the past year as you probably already know. I was thinking about this same topic on the ride home: that Christianity is not persecuted as much as lack of it is. I don’t know what is right or wrong but I know that either extreme is not for me.

    1. it just seems like it’s nonstop bombardment. one recent insights on religion i’ve read says, stop living for the afterlife and start living the life you have. that’s how i feel whenever a zealot starts in!

  2. it took me longer than i’d care to admit to figure out what CINO meant…
    overall, i agree with your sentiment. why can’t we well just get along? i don’t want to live in a religiously run country. if i wanted that, i’d move to iran and don a burka.

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