the claim:
stuffed cheese buns: beautiful, delicious evil. source
the test:
well, this recipe had me making buns from scratch, and since a lot of my stuff is packed, and i like to keep things as simple as possible at the moment, i bought some frozen bread rolls found next to the frozen bread dough in your local supermarket. they don’t take long to thaw. i put them on a greased plate, covered with plastic wrap and threw them in the fridge overnight. they even raised a little bit.

recipe says you can use any old cheese in the middle. i bought some chunk mozzarella just because of the ooze factor. 
cut cheese into 3/4″ chunks, which i think i did ok with. in fact, this exercise resulted in no overfilling consequences! woohoo!

you squish up the buns as best you can and place seam-down on your baking sheet.
it said to just put cheese on top, but i spread a little olive oil on first to get it to stick better. you can put parmasen cheese on, herbs, whatever. goes into the oven at 375 for about 15 mins. once out, put some melted butter on the tops and eat.

omg.  i made 8 of these. i ate 4, then told nate he had to eat the rest before i ate them all. CRACK.
the verdict:
5 out of 5 stars. as nate said after he ate them, “omg, nom nom nom. those are evil. never make them again.”

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