another running post

another running post

i frequent /r/loseit quite a bit to look at pictures mostly, but sometimes i find a gem, such as this: Hey Fat Girl
there’s a reason i was going to st. ben’s to run at 11 p.m.! the track was empty! now i don’t really care, but i still prefer a track to myself since i’m still a slow runner (compared to the athletes who run occasionally). but what i find oddly both encouraging and discouraging at the same time are the people who cheer me on while i run (not at an actual race). i had a couple instances where people i passed on the road or trail said “nice job!” you can do it!”
it’s weirdly both because on the one hand, hey, thanks for the unironic cheers! you’re awesome! on the other hand, i KNOW i can do. i’m only on mile 1.2 and i can go for 4 times that, maybe 5 times that if i wanted to and 7 times that if i were being chased! it’s also weirdly discouraging because i have to wonder if they would be saying the same thing to a gal who’s size 6 and running. i don’t know.
welp, i’m running in another 5k this weekend and the low is 27 degrees the night before, so it’ll be a chilly one. hopefully it’ll make it a fast one, too.

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  1. as a size 6 girl who’s been running for years, i can say i have never had anyone tell me “way to go” or “you can do it” or anything along those lines outside of a legitimate race. and even then, those phrases are coming from random people at the end of the race who’s telling that to everyone who passes them. so there’s insight from the other side. of course, maybe people aren’t as nice in indiana as they are in minnesota. i could be running in the wrong state.

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