in which i ponder.

in which i ponder.

after i ran the gay race, i went to eat dessert with my parents, where we talked about the gay race. my mom is torn on the issue, and my dad, well, we all know where my dad stands. my mom and i were discussing the lack of diversity at the race, and my dad pipes up: white guilt.
really? is white guilt an issue with gay rights? a lot of the people pro-gay-marriage are under 30 – do under 30s have white guilt yet? so i pondered.
i don’t think it’s a white guilt thing – i think it’s a matter of knowing gay people. in my dad’s generation, if you were gay, you didn’t come out. people my dad’s age don’t/didn’t KNOW anyone who was out as a gay person.  as a younger person, you’re much more likely to know someone who’s gay or have someone close to you who’s gay. and when you know someone who’s gay, you begin to wonder why that person can’t have the opportunity to get married like you, just because they love someone who’s the same gender.
so, white guilt? naw. it’s in my backyard!
vote no!

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  1. i would if i could!
    is there ever a lot of diversity at races? outside of africans in the big marathons, i don’t typically see a whole lot of color at runs… that could have more to do with it than anything.

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