it’s been a really weird summer; with the job/housing situation, it’s been almost a flurry of a summer, and when the leaves started to get that really slight fall tinge a few weeks ago, i started to feel melancholy because, where’d my summer go? i had no garden, no canning, no evenings on the deck, no swimming at st john’s, no farmers’ market every week, no real cooking of any kind, no outside adventures for chasey, and especially no nate time. the last three months were a blur of driving, working, and fretting.
but then i think about autumn, and i get a little giddy. yes, winter follows, but there is nothing like harvest time, pumpkins, orangey yellowish reds, sweatshirt weather, the smell of fallen leaves, burning of said leaves, cool nights with big yellow moons, crunchy frost on the ground, baking baking baking, witches and ghosts and spookiness, and hopefully this year a drive through SE minnesota.
and it means that a mere one season away, spring will be here and hopefully next summer i’ll have a garden. plus i will look exceptionally fashionable in my new raking fox sweatshirt from woot.

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