oh noes

oh noes

every tuesday, a small congregation of my aunt’s family gathers to watch a tv show at 8 pm. (primetime, later in the evening, note) that includes one of my cousin’s four kids, the youngest of which is 11 (i think). underage kids watching this show range from 16-11.
well, apparently, a couple weeks ago there was a lesbian kiss on it. good god!
aunt: i would’ve rather have seen a bedroom scene!
me: nods
aunt: and (11-year-old) was just sitting there staring at the tv!
me: nods, inwardly thinking, well of course she is, you’ve sheltered her!!!
aunt: and so (16-year-old, who is know-it-all catholic) got the address of the show’s writers and we’re going to write a letter to them complaining about this.
me: you should send it in a purple envelope so it gets noticed [she did not see the irony in this]
i’ll bet for every anti-lesbian-kiss letter they get, they get 20 pro. i wonder if my aunt is going to suggest boycotting the show?

9 thoughts on “oh noes

  1. it hurts to think how close minded those republicans were in that John Stewart video you sent us. it hurts even more to realize we have some of those close minded republicans in our family.

      1. it will be really interesting to see what the ROCK does when she leaves home and realizes there are more ideas in the world than just what her family gives her

    1. i’m waiting for one these rellies to get internet savvy, stumbled on this blog and disown us all…
      btw, kate, i like that you got in the comment on the purple envelope. 🙂

      1. i’m ready for that day too liz. that will save me the trouble of having to nod and smile through more of their politically right-winged and religious one-sided conversations

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