new clothes

new clothes

here’s my new clothes i bought over the past week. most are from penny’s. i bought a pair of pants and couple shirts from maurices, and a pair of pants and a couple shirts from goodwill (a couple shirts i forgot to post – oh well).
observation 1 – the mirror bends outward, so i look a little bigger in the pics than i actually am. stupid mirror.
observation 2 –  yes, some clothes are a little tight. why? because otherwise they’d be baggy. and i’m going with the reasonable theory that i will be moving downward in weight other than upward, so i’d rather make these last a little longer than they would if they were a bit baggy. poo.
observation 3 – best, and most expensive items i purchased? underwear. 🙁 i spent more on underwear than i did on everything else.
not pictured: shoes. i have my black interview shoes, a pair of mary jane ballet flats i bought at xmas, and another pair of black mary-jane-esque shoes that are a little dressier and heelier than the ballet flats. oh and my skechers. haha.

One thought on “new clothes

  1. the pic in the middle middle — you look really thin in it! 🙂
    the pic in the top middle — shirt doesn’t do much for you but it could be a bad angle.
    none of them look overly tight.
    hooray for downward in weight!

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