bustin' my ovaries

bustin' my ovaries

when my hours changed from a lovely noon-8pm to a gawdawful 3-11 pm shift, i had to adjust my c25k schedule. actually, at that point, i was already to the 5k, but still i had to make a shift so i could get a run in since st. ben’s (where i run on the track) closes at midnight. i shifted to running in my mornings (early afternoon to y’all).
the first day i ran in the morning, i didn’t eat breakfast, and i barely made it a mile. the first time i ran outside in the morning, i once again barely made it a mile. ugh. i chalked it up to the elements and make sure i eat breakfast.
but every morning i tie on my runnin’ shoes, i dread it. i’m huffing and puffing after one block and sweat drips down my forehead in torrents after a mile and a half. by the time i roll around to my driveway, i’m tripping over my shoes and ready to fall flat on the lawn.
meanwhile, every sunday night i go to st ben’s to run on the track and lift weights, and it is the most enjoyable thing ever to run. tonight i ran about 4 miles and could have gone more if i hadn’t gotten a stitch in my side. i can truly say when i run in the evening/night, i kind of enjoy running.
so i did a little research.
turns out, eveningtime is the time when your body is at its physical best (of course). your lung capacity is at its peak, you’ve got a day’s worth of fuel in you, your muscles have been warmed up, etc. etc. evenings are the best time for optimal performance when running.
which brings up two things, one general and one personal:
general: why are marathons held at the buttcrack of dawn? shouldn’t they be held at the buttcrack of evening if they want the best performance from people?
personal: do i quit running in my mornings and start running when i get home? that means running at midnight. can of mace in one hand, knife in the other? personal safety versus an enjoyable run? hmmm.

4 thoughts on “bustin' my ovaries

  1. i think most organized runs are so early in order to run when it’s not as hot since so many are in the summer time. it would suck to run at 8 pm when it’s 85 degrees with 70%humidity [trust me, it sucks]. plus, then you have the whole rest of the day to get drunk and recover. šŸ™‚
    is there really that much crime in your neighborhood? or is there a 24 hour gym you could join?

  2. if i didn’t live a block from where jacob wetterling was snatched, i wouldn’t feel so hesitant.
    no to 24-hr gym because i’d have to go on a treadmill and they make me motion sick šŸ™

  3. Silly question, but if you hate it why do it? Not to deter you or anything. I hate running so I don’t do it. I’m just trying to understand, coming from an exercise hater, as to why people do it if they don’t like it.

    1. it’s the post-run feeling as well as the whole mentality of a goal that i know i can attain if i put my head to it. kind of like homework. no one likes doing it, but we sure do like those As and being smart.

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