writing prompt: “Is there a moment during the day or night that is somehow mystifying, frightening or enchanting for you? When? Why?”
when the long days of summer roll around each year, and we’ve gained an hour of blessed light thanks to daylight saving time (don’t ever leave us, DST!), we start to see what i like to call indigo time.
indigo time is starting to show up at this time of year and hits its peak at the obvious summer solstice. it’s the time just after sunset but right before the dark dark of night sets in. the sun’s rays are still reaching up a bit, but not enough to make the sky any kind of yellow; it slowly fades from orange, to pink, to purple, to dark purple, to indigo…then to dark of night.
there is something about the indigo that is the perfect shade of summer blue. when you’re getting out of a car after a night out and see the indigo sky with white points of stars starting to bust out of their seams, you know that summer’s arrived and the magical nighttimes have begun.

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