cheesecake=success!! it probably could’ve spent another 5 minutes in the oven, but really, i wasn’t concerned. five stars – would make again.
i went to to get some blogging prompts. one of them that came up asked how my blogging style has changed since i first started blogging.
my first blog post was in march 2004, after i got wind that livejournal was open and invite-free. the good thing was i blogged a TON in the first couple years. the bad thing was that half of them were quizzes and “what shoe am i” and all that jazz (not to mention the mundane posts about my roommates, job, and more). but i had a lot of jems in those days. the christmas i almost caught santa, the best kinds of books, times at the fair, and my personal favorite, a bathroom review (or why i don’t mind a portapotty)*.
lately i’ve wound down on the reminisces, mainly because i am not getting inspired by my past as much; all the good times have been recorded already. so mostly my blog posts of late are far and few between (sad) and trend toward foodblog, gardenblog (needs a better name), and occasionally social commentary. not to mention mundane crap here and there.
ultimately, i’d like to say my blogging style has matured, but just as ultimately, i find myself waxing eloquent about the cats just as much. it’s like asking if your writing style has gotten better: it has, but it’s still me.
*i’m seriously thinking of reposting some of these. i know most of my readers have already read them (ok, maybe half), but perhaps i’d do some editing and they’d come out all the better?

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  1. i don’t remember the port-a-potty [everyone here calls them port-a-johns. really?] so you should at least repost that one. 🙂

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