to preface:
i frequent goodwill and savers quite a bit. lately i’ve been searching for clothes a lot (why buy new if i’m going to continue to lose weight? i’ll wait til i plateau), browse the frame section, and always peruse the books.
i’ve wanted a “joy of cooking” for some time now, and i always check the cookbook section hoping i’ll get lucky. one time i found (and purchased) one crica 1970s, which was interesting, but i really wanted a more recent one.
well, i found one. 1997, baby! a lot of low-fat stuff in it, but i just use full fat instead. (really; fat is not that bad for a person.) and today i put it to use!
to the content:
last time i made a legitimate cheesecake, i was probably 15. my dad had just purchased a springform pan, so i busted out the cookbook and whipped up a cheesecake for easter. it wasn’t that great. it was dry, and it was cracked. but really, can’t go wrong with sugary cream cheese.
so, tonight i made a raspberry cheesecake cooked in a water bath. i’m hoping that it doesn’t crack and that the water bath helps with the dryness. and like my mom (the non-cook) says, you can’t go wrong with “joy of cooking”.
i’m hoping it holds up.

3 thoughts on “cheesecake

  1. So how’d the cheesecake turn out? You’ve almost lost 50 lbs??? That’s awesome, I can’t seem to lose more than 10… grrr

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