one post. one lonely post.
now two.
easter’s on sunday. i asked my dad if he would just hand over the golden egg since i’d be the only one searching for it. alas, the GE is not making an appearance this year. that makes me sad. 🙁 know what is making an appearance this year already though? my peonies. i’m kind of scared they’re going to freeze. it was down to 32 last night (i covered them up) and low-mid 30s but not freezing for the next few nights. i was hoping this year would finally be the year they bloom, but if they freeze, that’s not going to happen.
my tomatoes have made an appearance. i’m still waiting on my rosemary seedlings, but the back of the packet says it takes twice as long as tomatoes do. so, theoretically, this weekend they should be poking through. i hope my greenhouse abilities result in some spectacular plants. we’ll see.

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  1. i feel like your new blog posts need some comments. maybe dad should mail the GE to indiana. pitt or doug can hide it and chuck and i will look for it. maybe i’d actually find it… doubtful.

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