2009: last year's 2007?

2009: last year's 2007?

so 2008 didn’t suck as much as 2006, but it wasn’t as wonderful as 2007. before i go into ranking my living years according to suckitude, let’s just say that 2008 was personally not so bad but globally and futurifically not that great.

• bought a house
• helped vote in the first black US prez

hm….there had to be more to 2008 than that…

• bad economy
• $4 gas
• $1.50 gas
• lost 401k match
• forced vacation
• no raise
• still have a job! and so does nate (something to be thankful for, especially with the house)

whenever i read the news, i am on pins a needles about my job. will i have it? will i be forced to take MORE vacation that i don’t have? when will i get the 401k match back? ugh.

so i hope 2009 brings more good things personally, and better things globally. 2009 is also the year of my golden birthday, so it’d better bring about good things. BRING ON 30!!!!

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