a dictionary i ain't

a dictionary i ain't

so i get this comment on an entry of mine about a word i used – “disenfranchised” – when in fact i meant to use the word “disenchanted”. now i’ve heard these two words used interchangeably, but apparently they mean two different things, which i think a lot of people must not know. (me included, i guess.) contrary to popular belief, i don’t have the dictionary memorized; i do, however, know how to use a comma correctly now and then. 😉

anyhow, mr. rude left me a comment telling me to quit house hunting and find a dictionary and use it. since mr. rude commented anonymousely anonymously (OMG what a typo),  i did an IP search, and mr. rude is from “washington DC”. while i won’t put it past random people from random parts of the country commenting on my LJ, i also wouldn’t put it past some regular readers of mine to comment anon through an anon IP service.

so, mr. rude, i’m glad you decided to comment and forced me to look up the meaning of disenfranchise. now i’m wondering if i’m not the only person who would make this mistake with the word disenfranchise. here’s the sentence i used it in: “i’m disenfranchised with house hunting right now.” what would you say the meaning of disenfranchise is? and no cheating!

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