are you a foodie?

are you a foodie?

i don’t claim to be a real foodie; maybe a wannabe foodie. real foodies have the money and means to go out to fancy shmancy places and buy expensive and rare foods and then enjoy them lavishly (or pretend to enjoy them while their taste buds are screaming in agony).

but let’s say i’m a sort of foodie who’s willing to try to cook something a little weird, but i still love my cheese fries from outback.

i just realized tonight as i was searching through my bookmarks that i have three chefs’ blogs bookmarked, none of which have a show on the food network and only one of which has a television show. so if you’re a wannabe foodie like i am, take a look at these guys’ blogs. they’re entertaining and will hopefully inspire you to cook something. anthony bourdain, michael ruhlman and eric ripert. tony’s is about his show he has on the travel channel and the other two actually blog about cooking.also, michael ruhlman’s wife is a photographer, so i like looking at the pictures she takes of his food.

anyway, that’s all i got. plus two tomatoes on my tomato plants outside, which i’m excited about. 🙂

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