main domain

i let my domain expire because i was dumb and thought it would automatically renew. so now it’s in the hands of some guy in korea and they want to charge me at least $60 for me to get it back.

how annoying.

so now my dilemma is do i buy or some other kate related domain, or do i just let my website go off into oblivion? it’s nice for file hosting and stuff, but i can always do that somewhere online, too. what a quandry.

if only it were 10 …

then i would be done with work.

i had a two day work week this week since i was up at leech lake for the beginning of the week. i really like taking vacation time at the beginning of the week because then you have only 2 days of work, then the weekend again! it’s like two vacations for the price of one.

while i was at the lake, i got a phone call from my mortgage lady saying we were $294 over the limit for rural development. turns out two weeks of 2007’s pay was paid on jan. 4 and was counting toward 2008 pay. they just needed my  jan. 4 paystub and everything is a-ok (for now). then she needed a letter stating why our credit was checked on june 2 (the other mortgage company) and a statement from the bank showing the earnest money had cleared. holy toledo, what a circus.

but! a closing date is set of august 13 (yay charlie’s bday) at 9 a.m. in waite park, so we don’t have to drive down to the cities, which is a nice thing. that’s a wednesday, so i’m taking off thursday and friday (as is nate) and hopefully we can get everything cleaned and painted and maybe we’ll move that weekend. so anyone who wants to help me move, you are certainly welcome!

yay it’s almost the weekend! i’m really beat. i need a nap.

a list of sorts

yesterday we got the signed purchase agreement back from the seller, which is a huge relief to me for some reason. i’m not so worried about the financing now. in less than a month, nate and i should be new owners of a house that is entirely too big for us. but it was an awesome deal and it has a lot of potential, especially on the walls (haha).

as a soon-to-be new homeowner, there’s a lot of things i need and want to do, but the main things at first are:
paint (!!!!)
buy a mirror for the downstairs bathroom
fix the leaky piping to the downstairs bathroom
fix the downstairs bathroom’s sink hookups (or lack thereof)
fix the upstairs bathroom’s TP holder
putty/plaster all the holes in the walls the previous owners left (why on earth would you use screws to hang everything??)
clean everything
fix the deadbolt
buy curtains/blinds
buy a new entertainment system
empty the sump
buy a red couch
buy a lawn mower
buy a snow shovel
buy a ladder
construct my firepit with the random rocks in the yard and the sandpile
get some patio furniture for my patio
get rid of the dead trees 🙁

within a year, i want to:
knock down a wall in the family room/den (well, this is nate’s thing)
build a deck
have a garden
plant many trees!!!
plant a lilac bush
plant peonies (maybe i will do that this fall – they are bulb plants, right?)
get a bird feeder

well, that’s a start.

are you a foodie?

i don’t claim to be a real foodie; maybe a wannabe foodie. real foodies have the money and means to go out to fancy shmancy places and buy expensive and rare foods and then enjoy them lavishly (or pretend to enjoy them while their taste buds are screaming in agony).

but let’s say i’m a sort of foodie who’s willing to try to cook something a little weird, but i still love my cheese fries from outback.

i just realized tonight as i was searching through my bookmarks that i have three chefs’ blogs bookmarked, none of which have a show on the food network and only one of which has a television show. so if you’re a wannabe foodie like i am, take a look at these guys’ blogs. they’re entertaining and will hopefully inspire you to cook something. anthony bourdain, michael ruhlman and eric ripert. tony’s is about his show he has on the travel channel and the other two actually blog about cooking.also, michael ruhlman’s wife is a photographer, so i like looking at the pictures she takes of his food.

anyway, that’s all i got. plus two tomatoes on my tomato plants outside, which i’m excited about. 🙂


one week of work then my family reunion! woohoo!! i checked the weather and it’s supposed to rain on sunday and it’ll be a little chilly, which is weird, but okay. i’ll just have to brave the lake. i hope i can make it through the week! 🙂

we’re still waiting for a signed purchase agreement on the house. delores said it might take up to two weeks for them to get it back to us. ugh! i want to just finish this and paint already. 🙂

house pics

we had the inspection done today. the major things are that it needs a sump pump sometime in the near future and the downstairs bathroon sink isn’t hooked up to water. other than that, pretty minor things like settling cracks, some siding needs to be replaced due to weed whipper holes, move a couple trees. it’s good to go!

here’s some more pics!
ceiling that needs to be finished

main-floor bath

master closet

stove and DISHWASHER!!

a wide shot from the dining room

the hardware! i love the handles!!

4th in short

was bored for first half of day.

went to park w/angie and got a corndog, minidonuts, and cheese curds ( i SWEAR this antibiotic i’m taking is messing with my appetite or metabolism!!! holy crap!)

took nap.

nate and i went to the grocery store and got foods.

made BEST STEAK EVER and roasted potatoes, asparagus, onions and mushrooms. might have been the best meal i’ve had in months. holy toledo. (buy farm-raised angus steak. MMMMm)

watched fireworks in yard with nate, angie and chad. sat out afterwards and laughed at people walking by.

drank 4 hard mike’s raspberry lemonades. feeling a bit…woozy….

more house angst

ok, so now i’m worried about our financing going through. we almost make too much for rural development, which is the loan we’re going with. it’ll be really really really close. so close that nate is going to refuse his raise he got today until we close on the house.

so much stress! aauughhh1!1!one


yay i have a house! we have some more paperwork to do and the inspection and appraisal, and we close on or before august 15. there are some minor repairs to do and i want to paint before we move in. i’m not sure what to do about furniture! we need some; there is too much space! this weekend if i am not doing anything else, i am going to menard’s and getting some paint swatches to figure out what i should paint. i also need more curtains/drapes. ok, now i am just babbling about stuff i need to do, but i’m excited! yay!!