it was the best of times….

it was the best of times….

oh, 2007, let me count the ways.

in which you didn’t suck.

in fact, the suckitude compared to 2006 was immensely lower. IMMENSELY.

the first month was rather, …. eh…., but what do you expect working overnights at target for $8.00/hr.

but after that, things just kept looking up.

there was my job i got, which was a much better one than target, actually utilizing some of the skills i have. glorious job!

i got my awesome camera with tax returns, a decision i definitely do not regret.

then there was nate’s job he got, which not only got him out of retail, but boasted a much-needed pay raise and 40-hour weeks, as well as a better sex life. woohoo!

and then…there was moving out of my hellhole. let me tell you, that was probably the highlight of my year. thus far, anyway. i cannot begin to convey how wonderful it is to go to sleep at night and not have to turn on three fans in the bedroom so i can ow, that doesn’t seem too difficult, does it?

1. check, at least for now
2. check! except the lease is for a year
3. not check yet, but we did attend the homebuyer’s course, and after our lease is up in 2008, we’re looking.
4. not check 🙁 maybe this year
5. BIG CHECK (yay!!!!)

3.5 out of five ain’t bad.

all in all, 2007 wasn’t too shabby. probably the best year overall i’ve had in four years.

KUDOS 2007!!!

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