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Day: October 11, 2007

at least i don't complain all the time!

at least i don't complain all the time!

my posts are far and in between mostly because my job doesn’t suck so much that i have to post about it sucking so much all of the time.

anyway, let’s see….

angie got married. her bachelorette party was pretty fun. i made her a shirt that was cute and her cousin and cousin’s gf got her some standard bachelrette party fare.

the wedding was very pretty. i really liked the colors, and it was at the green lake bible camp, which was especially pretty. afterward i got pretty well smashed off vodka and wine, which gave me the headache from hell the next morning, but that was to be expected. stupid screwdrivers; get me every time.

i went out to st john’s to take pics of the leaves, but they were pretty well gone, which is weird because you drive through town and the leaves haven’t changed that much. anyway, the trip was worthwhile because an arboretum guy stopped and told me about a photo contest they were having, so i’m going to enter some photos i took last year (he said that was ok) and maybe i’ll be a finalist or something. who knows. here are the photos i’m going to enter. what do you think? we can enter 5 photos, so i’m entering all these.

well, that’s all i got for now. work keeps me busy, and that’s good. no time to complain about it!

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