HP thoughts

HP thoughts

i’m rereading HP 7 because i was slightly distracted by the reuinon the first time and i figure there were a few things i missed as well.

what i didn’t absorb first time round:

the first time i read it, i thought griffindor’s sword had basilisk venom in the hilt somewhere, deliberately put there by the goblins when they made it, but upon second reading, i realize the sword soaks up all that makes it stronger, so when harry stabbed the basilisk in book 2, the sword absorbed some of the venom. huh!

and, snape’s patronus is a doe, which i assume was also lily’s patronus, which was the complement to james’ stag (which i assume is what form his took, since harry’s is also a stag). awww. that made me smile.

the many references to aberforth and goats. they are all over. i have to find the first time he was mentioned and read about this magical misdealings with a goat that he did. hmmm.

i realize that yes, hermione had just opened her bag when she mentioned “forest of dean” so that nigellus could hear where they were and inform snape.

and, i had thought, wow, dumbledore must’ve been an awesome wizard to have conquered the elder wand, but i somehow missed that grindelwald had stolen the wand, which meant that the power was never really his. so the power structure was gregorovich, dumbledore, draco, harry, while the ownership was gregorovich, grindelwald, dumbledore, voldemort.

and i am only in the middle of rereading it, so i am sure i will have more revelations. 🙂

and i must say, i am especially appreciative of her conjunction use between two independent clauses this book (in the past, she has notoriously spliced her commas,  which drove me absolutely bonkers).

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