first, you know i’ve been working overnights when ANY activity during the day gets me giddy. last week angie and i planned to go to old navy and eat cheese fries, and i was so excited i could barely sleep that morning. today nate and i are going to the MOA for some out-of-town adventure, and again i’m very excited. this is sad; i need to get off working overnights.
which may be soon! i got a job offer from merrill for a prepress technician (basically a graphic designer who prepares things for print). it would start at $13/hr, which isn’t as much as i was making at poopwest supply, but a TON more than i’m making now. BUT i am not entirely excited for the job. would it be extremely tacky if i took it and then continued looking for other jobs? what if i got the scsu job and then quit at merrill a month later? opinions please.
ok, i am off like a dirty turtle shirt.
ps- also, my friend melissa has a blind date! how exciting for her!

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