ebay sucks

holy crap, i have just run into the most ignorant person who has ever bid on an ebay auction.

this girl won the auction on sept. 1. after 4 emails and a non-paying buyer notice from ebay, she finally sent me payment on the 15th, via paypal, with a credit card. it was in the auction that i don’t accept credit cards. i stated in the invoice that i don’t accept credit cards. i emailed her back and said, i don’t accept credit cards, and she writes this back to me today:

“I didnt realize you didnt take credit cards makes it really hard to pay you. Im working today and wont beable to get a money order until sat Ill send a pmt then just give me a address and Ill send it I wish I would of seen that you didnt take credit cards I would of never bought it.”

holy crap and a half. i wish she would’ve never bought it either! this has turned into an ordeal of astronomic proportions, and i’d file an agreement to not complete the auction with ebay, but i’m afraid she would take too long to agree to it!