happy lucrative anniversary

over the past five years, we’ve gone from a country in shock, to one of overzealous religiousness and patriotism to one of cynicism of the current administration. but, on the fifth anniversary, now the trend is, “how much money can i make from this?”

but a mere five years after planes flew into the WTC, we are inundated with gold commemorative coins, major motion pictures, a network documdrama with an agenda, not to mention the million other things that i, as a minnesotan and not a new yorker, am probably not exposed to.

why all of a sudden are we seeing people trying to make money out of tragedy? much like people needing an excuse to becoming more patriotic or religious, now we are seeing the excuse for making money. why so soon? are they trying to make money while the facts are still seared in our minds rather than 20 years down the line, when things might get a little fuzzy? “saving private ryan,” 50 years after the fact, was still as powerful.

but perhaps they are trying to educate. let me be the first to inform you – you can get educational 9/11 pieces on the discovery, history, or national geographic channels all the time. i have watched them and have no problem with them because they have no real agenda BUT to educate. movies in theaters with big-budget actors? a “drama” focused on 9/11 with possible claims of libel? a “commemorative” coin made with silver from the WTC site? there is nothing but the sound of money clinking in these people’s pockets. for shame.


somehow i thought that discovering a grey hair would create more commotion than it did! well, i’m not going to dye my hair, i know that for sure. if i’m going to age, i guess i’d better do it gracefully.

now nate has suggested that i get a second master’s degree in english. i would have my current GA for as long as i like, according to the place, but good god! i am sick of living in poverty! i want to have some cash so i can go out to eat once in a while or go on a shopping spree at the MOA. but….the english master’s is alluring….

what do you think? i get free tuition, basically. plus a decent job that i enjoy already. i don’t know…rr.rr.rr.rr 2 more years of school!

today is the anniversary of 9-11. more on that later.