i applied to a job in houston, mn, that i really shouldn’t have. it only pays $10 an hour, and it’s for a printer, not an ad agency or anything like that.
so, i sent an email with the resume and stuff in it, and i got a reply, asking when i could come in for an interview and fill out an application. so, since the job only pays $10/hr, i asked if i could do a phone interview, since it takes up to four hours to get down there. here is his response:
If you want a job we should to see your smiling face.
We want to see your smiling face cause we will be living together 8 hours a day five days a week. We are kinda picky as to whom we live with.

Do you know Illustrator?
Can you do web page design?
Can you do animation in an email?
Do you work well with others?
Will you fit in with the group that is here?
Will you come to work every day and be productive?
If you can convince me that the answers to these questions are YES without coming in to see me face to face.
Then you are hired.
You have two options:
#1. Come in to do a face to face interview.
#2. Convince me via the email that the answers to my questions are yes.
Which do you chose? #1. OR #2.
Thank You for your time.
ok, so i agree that i should go see this guy in person (if i want the job), but for $10/hr??? and this email seems…i don’t know…kind of odd. should i blow him off or try to do what he asks in a return email?

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