yesterday i drove 470 miles. i drove to fargo for an interview at concordia, which i think went pretty well. the interview was about half an hour, then they had me make an ad in a fifteen-minute time period. of course it didn’t get done, but i got some stuff done with it. then i drove to north branch, mn, which is 60 miles EAST of st. cloud. so fargo to north branch. to pick up my brother, then we drove back to st. cloud.
most of the time i spent driving i did it with my windows rolled down, and on the way from fargo to north branch, i took hwy 10 instead of i-94. and i forgot how much i looooove spring/summer. the temp was perfect at 75, the wind was blowing through my hair. and i ended up doing a lot of driving at sundown/dusk, so when i drove past the ditches, i heard crickets! oh it was great. and the fresh smell, mmmm, it makes me so happy. much happier than sloshy/slushy/muddy march. what an awful month. i can hardly wait til the trees start to bud. yay summer!

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