stuff and more stuff

stuff and more stuff

and, as i sit at my desk that is covered in crap to do (trade show is a
week from today – eeek!), i think to myself, oh what joy to be had to
not work. (good news! i go in to an employment agency to fill out an
application for a graphics job i applied for online. a good sign? let’s
hope so.)

and enough about my cruddy job! at least i get paid well.

has been awfully vocal about the current situation down in
‘nawlins.’ (check out my homies link.)  all i gotta say is this: who builds a city below sea level
without adequate protection?

this weekend will be peaceful. no rellies coming over, no driving to
see rellies. i might even go to church. 😮 i will be doing wedding
stuff, i’m sure, and i’m getting a haircut on saturday, but other than
that, peaceful. i look forward to lazing around on my couch, reading a
book or watching mundane TV or doing homework (gasp! i’m back in

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