now that my life is boring, should i really keep updating? i suppose a lot happens. saturday i have a meeting with a lady about a web site i will be doing. i checked out the mn secretary of state’s web site and sent for a book for starting your own business in mn. apparently, if i keep my full name in the name of the business, i don’t have to do anything like register or do a certificate of assumed name or anything; i just have to fill out the appropriate tax form. yay! so i will do that. i wonder if i should advertise.
this weekend i’m going to new london to clean out the stupid garage. like my three siblings can’t do it themselves, how long have i not lived at home? PLEASE PEOPLE.
but the weekend after that is my bday! and jane’s grad party. so that should be fun! food and cake and presents and a bonfire and o’neil’s where i will get many bloody mary’s. then on sunday we are going to the gay 90s! yay!!!! i haven’t been there in soooo long. plus jane is going! she is finally 18 and can go! hopefully this time i won’t get kicked out for provided to a minor (OOOPS).

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