10 fall things

fall is pretty much here. it was 50º today – almost glove weather for me. here’s a list of things i want to accomplish this fall.

1. root river trail biking. i think it’s set for the third weekend in october.

2. fix my mailbox. it’s wobbly and needs cement in its base.

3. take fall pics. i used to go to st john’s and take pics. i have to find a new place! whitewater??

4. plant garlic. no brainer.

5. plant tulip and peony bulbs. gotta remember to do that!

6. clean out my dumb garage. it’s just a mess in there.

7. write something meaningful in my blog. not a list.

8. get a sub-11-minute mile done??? this is really iffy.

9. drink more pumpkin drinks. mmm.

10. make more apple desserts. can’t go wrong there. 

11. (bonus) go antiquing with liz!

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